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301 Data Court
Dubuque, IA 52003

Location: Headquarters

Main Tel: 800-582-9501
Toll Free: 800-582-9501
Fax: 800-829-8700

Tim Duggan
Assistant Vice President, Sales
Tel: 563-451-1091

Bill Strauss
Senior Vice President, Sales and Client Services
Tel: 563-451-1072

Jeff Schmitt
Marketing and Compliance Manager
Tel: 563-451-1134

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Primary Business Activities

Data Collection
Data Collection & Processing
Data Processing
Full Service Research
Web Surveys

Description of Capabilities

Headquartered in Dubuque, IA, Advanced Data-Comm, Inc. has 15 years of successful experience in data collection and opinion research.

Our telephone survey work encompasses quantitative interviewing for both business-to-business and consumer research studies.

Description of Facilities

Advanced Data-Comm's four telephone centers are equipped with 120 stations with CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing), predictive dialing and remote monitoring capabilities.

Interviews can be recorded utilizing our state-of-the-art digital recording system and provided in WAV file format for future reference.

Advanced Data-Comm also provides interviewers for respondent initiated, toll-free surveys.

Description of Specialties

Our specialties include the following:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys Image and Awareness Studies
  • Advertising Tracking Studies
  • Segmentation Studies
  • Service Quality Assessment
  • Attitude and Usage Studies
  • Consumer Research
  • New Product Research (Including General and Concept Development and Testing)
  • Political Polling
  • Public Opinion
Mission Statement

Advanced Data-Comm follows a credo, a contract that expresses the shared values that unify and direct us.

This credo drives every decision we make and is the basis for our commitment to our clients - and each other.

We are responsible to our clients.

We will build long-term partnerships with our clients through integrity, candor and outstanding service.

We will apply our expertise to provide quality solutions that meet our client's needs.

We will commit ourselves to being pleasant, professional, responsive and accommodating.

We are responsible to our employees.

We will maintain open and honest communication to earn the trust of our employees.

We will provide an environment that encourages our employees to strive for personal and professional growth.

We will recognize and appreciate employee contributions.

We will provide competent management whose actions are respectful, just and ethical.

We are responsible to our community.

We will be good citizens.

We will be responsible to the communities in which we are privileged to live and work.

We will encourage and support education.

We are responsible to Advanced Data-Comm, Inc.

We will continually invest in future capabilities to ensure our long-term viability.

We will increase the value of our Company for our shareholders, our employees, our clients and our business partners.

Finally, our success will be achieved through a balance of value-based partnerships that are in the best interests of our clients, our employees, our communities and our Company.

Company History

Prior to founding the company in 1988, Michael J. Budde, President and CEO of Advanced Data-Comm, Inc., was a Sociology professor at Loras College, where he taught classes in methods research and statistics.

During his tenure, Budde launched the Center for Business and Social Research (CBSR), where his students conducted telephone surveys for small businesses, hospitals and local governments in Northeast Iowa, including economic development enterprises.

The CBSR also conducted media research studies for a number of broadcasters in the tri-state area.

Using this experience, Budde has built an organization that has conducted thousands of surveys and has 15 years of extensive research experience in various markets including: healthcare (managed care, HMO's, physician practices), consumer goods and services, financial services, payroll and human resources, telecommunications, and utilities.

Advanced Data-Comm now operates 4 call centers, including two in Iowa (Dubuque and Oelwein) and two in Wisconsin (Ashland and Superior).

Central Telephone Facility/Call Center

Advanced Data-Comm maintains a call center with 120 CATI-equipped calling stations used for research.

CATI surveys are programmed in house using TeleScript by Digisoft.

Clients can listen to interviews, live as they happen, off-site.

Our current supervisor to interviewer ratio is 10 to 1, ensuring that stringent quality control procedures are adhered to.

We also use predictive dialers as well as autodialer technology to help ensure that all projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Data Analysis

We typically outsource the creation of cross tabulations, allowing our partners to create the tabs using Merlin software.

Advanced Data-Comm can conduct regression and conjoint as part of a standard package.

Recruitment Activities

We recruit participants for the following types of projects:

  • Third Party Focus Groups
  • One-on-One In-Depth Interviews
  • Consumer Panels
  • Business Panels
  • Central Location Studies
Other Services

In addition to designing and hosting web-surveys (deployed using GMI Version V), we also engage in the following research studies and related activities:

  • Attitudinal Studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Concept Testing
  • Data Entry
  • Political & Social Polling
  • Satisfaction Studies
  • Segmentation
Other Services

Since 1990, Advanced Data-Comm, Inc. ("ADC"), has a proven track record of providing a competent, competitive telephone data collection alternative.

Whether it is market research, quality assurance evaluation with our Service Quality Assessment (SQA) process, or database development, the professionals at ADC have successful experience conducting intelligence-gathering campaigns for Fortune 1000 companies.

With over 120, fully Web-enabled, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) stations, we have the ability to conduct large-scale projects on time and on-budget.

Our telephone centers are located in smaller to medium size Midwestern communities that offer lower labor costs than larger metropolitan areas. This savings is reflected in our pricing policy and positions ADC as a competitive provider.

Our account management team has extensive experience in the data collection marketplace and is committed to an unsurpassed level of customer care, by providing full accountability and quickly responding to your needs.

ADC provides a telephone center strategy, quality of service, and value driven pricing that offers an efficient, effective resource for you data collection needs.


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