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312 Amboy Ave
Metuchen, NJ 08840

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Terry Gleason
Tel: 732-548-1174

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Apogee Analytics
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Description of Capabilities
We do study design, sample size calculations, questionnaire design, conventional survey analysis, in-depth analyses and model development for the drivers of major variables such as customer satisfaction or repurchase intentions, development of objectives for performance improvement programs and compensation plans. We also can provide assistance in the development of measurement plans to track customer satisfaction other than conventional surveys.

Description of Specialties
Our principal specialty is customer satisfaction research in service industries, particularly in telecommunications. We also have experience outside of telecommunications in industries such as healthcare and financial services.

Mission Statement
We seek to enhance the business decisions of our clients by providing them with high quality information and analyses.

Company History
Founded in 2000 on the basis of three decades of experience in marketing research and statistical analysis, Apogee Analytics has been a substantial supplier of customer satisfaction research and statistical modeling for several of the major telecommunications companies in the USA.

Data Analysis

All Cross Tabulations are created in-house using SPSS and Splus software.

We have the capability of doing a wide variety of data analyses including the development of new models and approaches for problems that require more than customary analyses.

Apogee Analytics will design and analyze web-based surveys; data collection is outsourced to suitable research partners.

Other Information

Apogee Analytics is a marketing research and consulting firm that specializes in customer satisfaction and retention research and operational improvement strategies. We have expertise in predictive modeling and the development of external and internal performance objectives focused on increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. We provide solutions for clients in telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, and education and support Fortune 500 companies as well as small organizations.

Apogee Analytics' strength is the quality of its customized solutions to client problems. We do not rely on any particular collection of methods or techniques, but design the study and analyses to fit the problems and needs of the client.

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