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1220 SW Morrison, Suite 425
Portland, OR 97205

Location: Headquarters

Main Tel: 503-248-9058
Fax: 602-870-8055

Debbie Plawner
Tel: 503-248-9058

Todd Lue
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Primary Business Activities

Full Service Research
Web Surveys
Focus Groups/Qualitative Facilities
Data Collection & Processing
Field Management Services

BNResearch has over 50 years experience in discovering the customer’s voice through qualitative and quantitative market research. We bring a clear understanding of brands, customers and competitors to our clients in many industries.

At BNResearch, we strive to provide you with depth and clarity in research, so you can guide your business to success.

We get you there by listening…intently. Listening to your needs, concerns and questions and then we design a study that allows us to hear directly from your customers what direction you need to take.

Our clients often say we stand out from others in that we are not afraid to challenge clients’ assumptions, then prove them right, wrong or somewhere in between. And as new information often leads to new direction, our experienced staff is adept at making changes to ensure your research provides you the most relevant, current information possible.

Description of Facilities

BNResearch received the highest overall rating of facilities in Portland in the 2006 Impulse Survey. Our reputation, earned over more than 20 years, shows that we provide our clients with the highest quality research services.

Centrally located in Downtown Portland, we are within walking distance of fantastic restaurants and excellent hotels.

Our spacious focus group room can be configured to suit your specific needs: conference room, classroom, or living room style.

Quality video and audio equipment will capture every response.

Comfort and practicality await in our observation room – equipped with high-speed internet and comfortable seating to accommodate large groups of viewers.

A private client office with telephone and Internet access is also available to you.

Gourmet catering and other food services as well as complimentary parking are a few more amenities we offer.

Responsible, friendly, hardworking hosts are essential and we are pleased to say we have some of the finest who will be at your service for the duration of your stay.


Making decisions is a lot easier when you know where you need to go. At BNResearch, we take pride in knowing we’ll help you get there.


  • Consumer and End-User Needs
  • Concept Studies
  • Value Proposition and Positioning
  • Choice Modeling, Market Simulation and Price/Volume
  • Naming, Messaging and Packaging
  • ID/Prototype/Usability Evaluations
  • Usage Data Analysis
  • Image, Awareness and Usage
  • Market Segmentation
  • Advertising and Promotion Evaluations
  • Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction


  • Surveys
    • Telephone/CATI
    • Web
    • Intercept
    • Mail
    • Mixed-method

  • Analytical techniques
    • Cross-tabs
    • Conjoint (Full profile and Choice modeling)
    • Multivariate analysis


  • Focus Groups
  • Traditional
  • Mini-groups (dyads, triads)
  • In-depth interviews
  • Executive interviews
  • Central location testing
Central Telephone Facility/Call Center

BN Research maintains a 30 station, CATI-equipped call center utilizing the VOXCO software platform.

  • CATI surveys are programmed in-house
  • Interviews can be monitored off-site via audio links
  • Supervisor to interviewer ration = 1 to 5
  • Proportion of interviewers who are at the executive level: 30%
Data Analysis

We conduct all data analysis, including cross-tab creation, in-house; some analyses are outsourced.

Cross-tabs are created using Wincross and SPSS software packages.

We are experts in various types of data analysis techniques, including:

Correlation/Regression - to identify drivers of brand performance.

Discriminant Analysis - for group assignment and scoring.

Factor Analysis - to uncover underlying themes in attribute importance.

Cluster Analysis - attitudinal or benefit segmentation.

Perceptual Mapping - to show brand positions relative to attribute ratings.

Derived Importance Analysis - stated vs. predictive analysis.

Standard Quadrant/Gap Analyses - brand performance relative to stated importance.

Focus Group Facility

BN Research maintains a focus group facility for qualitative research.

Dimensions (feet)
Viewing Seats

Our focus group facility is equipped with:

  • Recording Media (VHS Tape & Audio Cassette)
  • Fully-equipped kitchen

We also experienced focus group moderators and in-depth interviewers on staff to ensure that your focus group sessions run smoothly and productively.


Client list is currently confidential.

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