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201 Lafayette Center
Kennebunk, ME, 04043

Location: Headquarters

Main Tel: (207) 985-7660
Fax: (207) 985-5569


Bob Domine, President
Tel: (207) 985-7660

Jane Mount, Vice President
Tel: (207) 985-7660

Bob Cuzner, Research Director
Tel: (207) 985-7660

Karen Peterson, Research Director
Tel: (207) 985-7660

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Primary Business Activities

Full Service Research
Web-Based Research Services
Web Surveys
Moderator Services
Focus Groups/Qualitative Facilities

Description of Capabilities

Digital Research, Inc. (DRI), is a full service marketing research firm. We specialize in custom web-based research. In particular, we build, maintain and use proprietary web-based panels for many of our clients. In addition to quantitative online research, we provide online focus groups (moderated chats).

DRI maintains a small group of "virtual field" telephone interviewers. We use this resource to serve the needs of clients under long-term contract, often state and local government agencies.

DRI is also equipped to manage high-volume paper surveys. In this area, we provide a complete range of services, from the creation of scannable forms, to fulfillment, to data entry, tabulation, analysis and reporting.

Description of Facilities

Digital Research maintains 6,000 square feet of premium office space, located in Kennebunk, ME.

We have the only focus facility in York County, ME, conveniently located mid-way between Portsmouth, NH and Portland, ME.

Our in-house IT staff maintains a fully networked office. DRI's web applications are hosted on leased servers, maintained by Alabanza Corporation of Baltimore, MD.

Uptime reliability of all DRI web applications exceeds 99.9995%.

Description of Specialties
DRI specializes in custom web-based research. We are a two-time EXPLOR award-winner (Exemplary Performance and Leadership in Online Research, 1999, 2003), sponsored by the American Marketing Association.

DRI maintains its own online consumer panel of over 65,000 households. We also maintain proprietary online research panels for clients in the media and grocery industries.

While DRI executes custom research projects for clients in a wide range of businesses, our industry focus includes consumer packaged goods, grocery, pharmaceuticals, media and travel/tourism.

Research for the travel/tourism industry is conducted through our subsidiary Davidson-Peterson Associates (DPA).

DPA regularly conducts feasibility studies, accountability research, satisfaction research and economic impact research.

Our economic impact model is currently used by several state and local government agencies, as well as destination marketing organizations and the Civil War Preservation Trust.

Mission Statement
Digital Research is a member of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), and subscribes to CASRO's Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research. Our mission is:
  1. To offer a complete range of primary research services that assist our clients in developing effective decision support systems.

  2. To employ the most advanced, innovative research techniques in the collection and analysis of reliable primary data.

  3. To present data to our clients in a clear, actionable format, and in a timely manner.

  4. To respect the privacy and anonymity of the survey respondents who volunteer to participate in our research, and to respect the confidential nature of our clients' business planning.

  5. To provide a workplace that promotes integrity, skill, commitment, and productivity, and to communicate with our colleagues, clients and survey respondents with honesty, respect and candor.

Company History

Digital Research was founded in New Canaan, CT in 1992, as Business Solutions, Inc. Upon moving its operations to Maine in late 1995, the company changed its name to Digital Research.

DRI's first clients were in the media and technology sectors, resulting in the establishment of one of the earliest online consumer research panels.

DRI purchased Davidson-Peterson Associates in 1999, diversifying its business base into travel/tourism.

The company has continued to expand and diversify. Today, DRI employs 30 full- and part-time professionals in its Kennebunk headquarters.

Data Analysis

All cross tabulations/data tables are created in-house.


  • Wincross
  • SPSS

DRI provides all advanced analytical services, either with its own staff or through a strategic partnership with ThinkVine.

Focus Group Facilities

Our focus group facility is located in an office building environment and is fully-equipped with a kitchen area.

(in feet)
Viewing Seats

Available Recording Media

  • VHS-Tape
  • Audio-Cassette

We also have Focus Group Moderators and In-Depth Interviewers on staff to ensure that projects run smoothly, efficiently and return useful and actionable information for our clients.

Recruitment & Panel Services

Digital Research recruits participants for:

  • In-House-Focus-Groups
  • One-on-One-In-Depth-Interviews
  • Consumer-Panels
  • Business-Panels
Panel Type
Size (n)
Recruitment Method
Uses Incentives
online - double opt-in


Web-Based Research Services

Digital Research has extensive experience designing and deploying web surveys.

Software Used: Proprietary

Other Information

We also engage in the following research studies and related activities:

  • Attitudinal Studies
  • Brand Equity & Related Studies
  • Satisfaction Studies
  • Concept Testing
  • Data Entry
  • Segmentation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mail Surveys
  • Multi Lingual Interviewing
  • New Product Testing
  • Usability Studies
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