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New York, NY, 10016

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Main Tel: 212-686-8808
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Harriet Naidus, COO

Ann Brown, President

James Whaley, Vice President

Scott Farrell, Vice President

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Gazelle Global Research Services
Primary Business Activities

Field Management Services
Web Based Research Services
Data Collection and Processing
Translation Services

We specialize in International Research Logistics and Project Coordination.

Description of Capabilities

Gazelle Global is the leading provider of International and Domestic Field Services, for all methods of Data Collection. Our in-house team of industry veteran Field Directors take the process of Estimation to Data Delivery and manage it to your exacting standards.

Description of Facilities

Gazelle Global can bring a wide array of facilities to bear to ensure that your research project runs smoothly and efficiently, including the following:

  • Web Service Bureau
  • Field Management Team
  • Data Processing Team
Description of Specialties

Gazelle Global specializes in:

  • Web Survey Programming and Hosting
  • Sampling Services
  • Multi-Country / Multi-mode Data Collection
Mission Statement

To provide the research community with single source solutions for global data needs.

Company History

Gazelle was formed in 1993 to provide services to the market research industry. We offer our clients a broad range of market research services, including data collection and data processing. In seeking a one-stop solution, many of our clients have benefited from lower costs and fast turn-around.

Gazelle currently has 20 full-time employees. Our staff brings over 200 years of in-depth market research experience to all projects. Gazelle has managed projects in over 35 countries across North America, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

Our talents lie in the ability to organize whatever resources are needed to execute a research project successfully. Gazelle is the resource solution for the purchase and management of market research services for domestic and international data collection and tabulations.

Data Analysis

All cross tabulations/data tables are created in-house.


  • Quantum
  • SPSS
  • mrTables
  • Quanvert

The staff at Gazelle Global is also highly experienced in the following data analysis techniques:

  • Longitudinal Studies
  • Complex Segmentation Studies
  • Custom Databases with Online Analysis
  • Hierarchical Data Analysis
  • Specialized Weighting
Recruitment & Panel Services

Gazelle Global recruits participants for:

  • In-House-Focus-Groups
  • Third-Party-Focus-Groups
  • One-on-One-In-Depth-Interviews
  • Consumer-Panels
  • Business-Panels
  • Central-Location-Studies
Other Services

Gazelle Global has experienced mystery shoppers on hand and employs other personnel for projects requiring:

  • In-Store Demos
  • Taste Tests
  • Door-to-Door Interviews
  • Intercept Interviews

Gazelle Global is also highly proficient in designing and hosting web-based surveys.

For web-based research projects, we rely on mrInterview (SPSS).

Other Information

We also engage in the following research studies and related activities:

  • Attitudinal Studies
  • Omnibus Studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Political & Social Polling
  • Brand Equity & Related Studies
  • Satisfaction Studies
  • Concept Testing
  • Secondary Research
  • Data Entry
  • Segmentation
  • Forecasting & Trend Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mail Surveys
  • Syndicated Studies
  • Multi-Lingual Interviewing
  • Test Markets
  • New Product Testing
  • Usability Studies
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