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2174 Hewlett Avenue
Merrick, NY
USA 11566

Location: Headquarters

Main Tel: 516-867-6600
Toll Free: 877-MKT-RSCH

Josh Dyszel
Vice President
Tel: 516-945-6975

Bette Dyszel
Tel: 516-945-6966

Cindy Chertock
Vice President
Tel: 516-945-6970

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Primary Business Activities

Field Management Services
Focus Groups/Qualitative Facilities
Full Service Research
Moderator Services
Web Surveys

Description of Capabilities

GreatOpinions is a nationwide recruiting and fielding company servicing the qualitative needs of our customers. Field Management, Recruiting, Screener Writing, Moderating, and Executive Interviewing continue to be our main focus. However, we have expanded our offerings to include Data Collection, Online Surveys, Jury Consulting and Qual/Quant Plus.

GreatOpinions primarily operates in the New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and San Francisco markets. However, we are often contracted to recruit and coordinate projects outside of these cities.

Our extensive database consists of respondents from across the country allowing us to recruit nationwide projects in-house.

Description of Facilities

Located in the suburbs of New York, just a 30-minute train ride from Penn Station, this individual focus suite is ideal for focus groups and in-depth interviews.

The facility is conveniently located in Merrick Long Island just two blocks north of the Long Island Rail Road, and a 35-minute car ride from both JFK Airport and LaGuardia.

Our luxurious focus suite features 3-tiered seating, floor to ceiling one-way mirror, attached client lounge with closed circuit viewing, wireless/wired broadband Internet connection, and a fantastic choice of menus from local restaurants.


GreatOpinions recruiting service is like no other. We hold the highest standards when recruiting focus groups for our clients.

All respondents are required to be registered in the GreatOpinions database to participate in a research study.

Their information stays on file and their histories are carefully tracked. All participants are confirmed a minimum of 2 times to ensure the best possible show rates.

We are committed to providing the highest quality respondents with minimal repetition and excellent show rates.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide quality research on time and within budget. Our outstanding staff is dedicated to fulfilling all your requirements with complete understanding.
Company History

GreatOpinions is a full service market research company that has executed over 100,000 successful research projects.

Formed in 1979, we have spent the last 25 years growing our nationwide respondent database which is now approaching 1 million respondents.

Call Center Facilities

Our call center is equipped with 25 calling stations which we use to conduct qualitative interviews and recruiting activities.

Telephone interviews can be monitored remotely (off-site) via an audio link.

Focus Group Facilities

We have one focus group facility which is located in an office building environment.

(in feet)
Viewing Seats


Available Recording Media

  • VHS Tape
  • DVD
  • Audio Cassette

Other Information

  • Focus group moderators are available
  • In-depth interviewers are available
Recruiting Services

GreatOpinions regularly recruits participants for a wide variety of research projects, including:

  • In-House Focus Groups
  • Third Party Focus Groups
  • One-on-One In-Depth Interviews
  • Consumer Panels
  • Business Panels
  • Central Location Studies
  • Mock Juries
  • Ethnography
  • Shop-a-Longs
Other Services

We can also design and host web-based surveys using the WebMonkey software package.

In addition, we also regularly engage in the following research activities:

  • Attitudinal Studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Brand Equity & Related Studies
  • Concept Testing
  • Data Entry
  • Forecasting & Trend Research
  • Mail Surveys
  • Multi-Lingual Interviewing
  • New Product Testing
  • Omnibus Studies
  • Political & Social Polling
  • Satisfaction Studies
  • Secondary Research
  • Segmentation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Syndicated Studies
  • Test Markets
  • Usability Studies
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