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4201 Connecticut Ave, NW
Suite 620
Washington, DC
USA 20008

Location: Headquarters

Main Tel: 202-686-0300
Toll Free: 800-458-4516
Fax: 202-686-2512

Anne Elmlinger, Asst. VP
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Tel: 202-686-2510 ext 141

Jake Jacobson, Senior VP
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Information & Insights
Through Market Research
Primary Business Activities

Full Service Research
Data Collection & Processing
Web Surveys
Moderator Services
Research/Project Design

Description of Capabilities

We are a full service research firm conducting quantitative (phone, online and mail) and qualitative (focus groups, in-depth interviews) research.

Whether clients need our services for all or part of the research, we have the flexibility to provide as much or as little support on a project as the client requires.

Our senior staff has significant experience in the financial services and health care industries, and work with clients to develop research ideas and study designs that will effectively meet their needs.

Talented mid-level research staff manage our research projects under the direction of the senior staff, and support as needed from full-time research assistants.

Our technical staff provides programming support in the areas of sample management, questionnaire programming (CATI and online), data tabulation and automated reporting.

Our subsidiary, National Research LLC, provides telephone interviewing services, using state-of-the-art CATI software (Voxco) for its 50 interviewing stations. The call center is managed by individuals with dozens of years of experience in the field.

In addition to telephone surveys, we conduct and manage online surveys, as well as mail surveys and multi-modal designs.

Our project teams create research reports in the style preferred by the client, including level of detail, analysis and recommendations that is appropriate for the study and the client’s needs.

Senior team members are available to present research in informal discussions or through formal presentations.

Our subject matter expertise helps us understand the research issues, translate complex topics effectively to research participants, interpret feedback from the participants and easily identify the key findings and their implications.

Description of Specialties

We specialize in research of financial and health topics, including retirement savings/planning, investment products, life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance including health savings accounts, annuities, dental and vision coverage, and attitudes and behaviors regarding financial and health topics.

Mission Statement

We provide market research information and insights to help our clients meet their business challenges.

We understand our clients’ businesses have a high level of research expertise work effectively in partnership with our clients, and deliver research that is actionable.

Company History

Mathew Greenwald & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1985 as a full-service market research firm with special expertise in financial services topics.

In 1999, the company acquired National Research LLC, a research call center, to ensure that our clients would have easy access to high quality yet affordable interviewing services.

Both the parent company and the subsidiary telephone bank are located in the same building in Washington, DC, enabling us to easily work together and find efficiencies in our usage of staff and resources.

Since 1999, Greenwald & Associates has expanded its subject matter expertise to include health care topics with the addition of senior and mid-level research staff with health care industry and policy research experience.

The Greenwald & Associates staff is comprised of 25+ professionals, supported by an additional 10-12 staff members working for our call center, National Research, LLC. We also employ more than 100 trained interviewers on a part-time basis.

Central Telephone Facility/Call Center

Number of CATI-Equipped Calling Stations: 50

CATI Software in Use: Voxco

CATI Survey Programming: In-House

Survey Monitoring: On and Off Site (via audio)

Highest Interviewer Level: Executive (10%-15%)

Uses Autodialers: Yes

Data Analysis

All cross tabulations and data tabs are created in-house (using Wincross software).

We are experienced with a wide range of data analysis techniques, including:

  • Regression Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis
Other Information

We regularly engaged in a variety of research activities, including:

  • Attitudinal Studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Brand Equity & Related Studies
  • Concept Testing
  • Data Entry
  • Mail Surveys
  • New Product Testing
  • Satisfaction Studies
  • Segmentation
  • Strategic Planning

We also have experienced focus group moderators and in-depth interviewers on hand and are highly experienced with online survey projects.

Facility Photos

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Job Opportunities

To apply for one of these full-time positions or to inquire about a career in market research with Greenwald & Associates, please contact Anne Elmlinger, Assistant Vice President (Email).
Mathew Greenwald &
Associates, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.


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