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7722 Hampton Place
Loganville, GA 30052

Location: Headquarters

Main Tel: 770-554-6775
No Toll: 888-MRT-SRVC
Fax: 770-554-5660

Laurie Sossa, President
Tel: 770-554-6775

Rusty Dugan
Dir Transcription Services
Tel: 770-554-6775

Thomas Cheshire Recruiting Manager
Tel: 770-554-6775

Pat Cheshire
Staffing Manager
Tel: 770-554-6775

Koreen Porzio
Accounts Payables
Tel: 770-554-6775

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Primary Business Activities

Transcription Services
Research Service Provider
Data Collection
Field Management Services
Research Analysis

We provide market research "support" services to moderators, facilities and corporations worldwide.

Description of Capabilities

MRT is the leader in TRANSCRIPTION for the market research industry. We provide SAME DAY and 24 HOUR delivery of quality digital TRANSCRIPTION of focus groups and interviews.

With 45+ trained transcribers available, we will meet and exceed your project demands. We have a proofreading department and quality assurance department to ensure accuracy and uniformity throughout your project.

Types available: verbatim, edited summarized, real time, live, archived streaming video transmission. We are equipped to transcribe from all current file formats including:

  • WAV
  • MP3
  • CD
  • Audio & Video
  • Streaming Media

FTP Upload: Upload your digital recordings to our FREE ftp site and receive your transcripts within hours! This saves time and money by eliminating shipping of your tapes.

We offer a FREE digital voice recorder and special pricing to clients who use us exclusively. We will give volume discounts.


We do not have a facility but we do have a conference room that is available for interviews or focus groups.

When we recruit you this is available at no rental charge for room. Our location is perfect if you want to hear the "rural voice" of GA (45 minutes from Atlanta in up and coming Loganville/Walton County.

We use an adjacent private room to set up closed circuit TV for viewing.

Or, we can recruit to local area hotels or research facilities that we have a good rapport with. We have cross trained staff for field projects.


Same day - 24 hour Transcription of your focus groups. We also provide translation or transcription of your groups from Spanish to English. We have bilingual recruiters and Interviewers on staff for projects that target the Hispanic market. We offer assistance with report writing and have a pool of moderators available for back-up moderating when situations arise and you need professional support.

We offer the "recruiting assist program" to clients and facilities nationwide. With this program you are charged one "fixed" price for recruiting an entire project or just to recruit hard to reach quotas.

There is no fluctuation of price if the incidence changes. We work along with you or facility that is handling the project to ensure that your group gets fully recruited qualified, articulate respondents. We work from our own database or provided sample.

You are only charged for qualified respondents that ACTUALLY SHOW.

We can spend hours recruiting but there are never any charges to you, if no respondents were recruited. It's a win-win situation!

We are proud of our 98% show rate!

Mission Statement
To provide quality transcription and research "support" services to the market research industry on time, within budget and with personal attention. Our goal with transcription is to make the work of the writer much easier by providing smooth flowing, easy to read transcripts with an incredibly fast turnaround. By offering recruiting and staffing services we do our best to make our clients jobs easier, reflecting a positive image of their company while proving to being a "one-stop shop" to them.
Company History

Laurie A. Sossa founded MRT Services, Inc in 1994. While working as director of a research firm in the Atlanta area, she recognized the need for trained, available professional marketing research support staff on demand.

MRT Services is an alternative to the standard “temp agency”. Our clients can avoid the high cost of keeping these personnel on staff by calling MRT when they face peak workloads that warrant additional resources.

MRT Services is on the preferred list of main research suppliers. We work directly with independent moderators and large corporations throughout the United States and overseas. We have an established record of quality work, quick turn-around time, and exceptional commitment to excellence.

MRT is Atlanta's premiere "support" service for the market research industry providing verbatim and specialty transcriptions and assistance with recruiting and staffing research projects.

Make MRT Services your research partner.

Central Call Center Facilities
Our call center is equipped with 6 research stations. Note that we do not use CATI software nor do we use predictive or autodialers.
Data Analysis
We outsource all data analysis.
Focus Group Facilities

When we do the recruiting for your research project, you get to use - for free - a conference room with an adjacent room for closed circuit TV monitoring.

Recruiting & Panel Services

We recruit participants for a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • In-House Focus Groups
  • Third-Party Focus Groups
  • One-on-One In-Depth Interviews
  • Consumer Panels
  • Business Panels
  • Central Location Studies
  • Music Tests
  • Movie Previews
  • Product Placements
  • Ethnographic Shop-Alongs
  • Usability Testing
  • Hispanic Studies
Other Services

We also employ experienced mystery shoppers and can also conduct:

  • In-Store Demos
  • Taste Tests
  • Door-to-Door Interviews
  • Intercept Interviews

In addition, we also regularly engage in the following research activities:

  • Attitudinal Studies
  • Political & Social Polling
  • Brand Equity & Related Studies
  • Satisfaction Studies
  • Concept Testing
  • Data Entry
  • Forecasting & Trend Research
  • Multi-Lingual Interviewing
  • Test Markets
  • New Product Testing
  • Usability Studies
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