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3911 Merrill Ave.
Riverside, CA, 92506

Main Tel: 951-784-6873
Free: 800-266-6873
Fax: 951-274-2564

Laurie Maguire
Research Director
Tel: 800-266-6873

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MUSE Consulting Inc.

Primary Business Activities

Full Service Research
Moderator Services
Data Collection
Data Processing

Description of Capabilities

Phone surveys, CATI and mailed surveys. MUSE fields small to medium scale studies. Currently monthly projects range from n=300 to n=3,000.

Ad hoc studies sample sizes range from n=100 to n=1,000 depending on client needs. Staff capabilities include bilingual English/Spanish.

Annually we conduct approximately 100,000 interviews.

Description of Facilities

MUSE is fully housed in Southern California with centrally located and fully supervised calling staff. All data collectors are monitored daily and work processed as completed. We have a networked CATI system with experienced operating staff.

Description of Specialties
Heavy industry and hard to reach populations are our specialty. MUSE has conducted surveys and focus groups with the usual consumers and decision makers as well as physicians, executives, retail clerks, building trades, engineers, nursing staff, volunteers, plant maintenance staff and teenagers.
Mission Statement
MUSE strives to develop usable and reliable research data in support of informed decision making. Our primary goal is to successfully provide the highest quality research services at the most cost-effective price.
Company History

MUSE is a boutique research firm specializing in providing full service research support for select clients. We have been providing proprietary research continuously since 1983. Currently MUSE staff includes 15 professional, collection and processing staff.

MUSE has the theory and expertise to design, implement and analyze survey market research. The founding partners have extensive research background including client side, ad agency and research vendor. Laurie Maguire, MA, Research Directory personally oversees each project. MUSE staff is stable, well trained and fully monitored. All data collection and processing is conducted at our main office.

Call Center Facility

MUSE Consulting maintains a 24 station calling center; 12 of those stations are equipped with CATI software (Query).

CATI surveys are designed and deployed by our in-house staff.

Clients may monitor surveys - live as they happen - remotely via both audio and visual links.

At any one time, approximately 70% of our interviewers are at the "executive" level. To further ensure quality data collection, our supervisor to interviewer ratio is 1 to 15.

Note that we do not use predictive or autodialers.

Data Analysis

Cross tabulations are created in-house using the SPSS software suite.

We are highly experienced in a wide-range of data analysis techniques, including:

  • Regression
  • Conjoint
  • Significance Testing
Focus Groups & Moderator Services

Moderator with 300+ group experience. Teens, Nurses, Seniors, Physicians, Truckers, Employees, Building Trades, Sales Execs & Joe/Jill Consumer.

Topics include:

  • Health care
  • Electronics
  • Fashion trends
  • Purchase & usage process (housing & vehicle)
  • Banking
  • Politics
  • Product development & introductions
  • Media development
  • Advertising
  • Concept testing
  • Food
  • More

Will travel to moderate.

Large-Scale Research Facilities

MUSE Consulting has access to a large-scale facility that can be used for a variety of interviewing and research purposes.

Comfortably accommodating 10 interviewees, the facility is equipped with PCs and one-way mirrors.

More About Us

MUSE Consulting engages in a many types of research activities, including:

  • Attitudinal studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Concept testing
  • Data entry
  • Door-to-door interviews
  • Forecasting and trend research
  • Intercept interviews
  • Mail surveys
  • Multi-lingual interviewing
  • New product testing
  • Political and social polling
  • Satisfaction studies
  • Test markets
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