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266 Merrick Road
Lynbrook, NY 11563

Location: Headquarters

Main Tel: 516-247-5300
Fax: 516-247-5301

Ira Sadowsky
EVP Sales & Marketing
Tel: 516-247-5305

Susan Thompson
Business Analyst
Tel: 516-247-5319

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Primary Business Activities

Data Collection
Data Processing
Web Surveys

We create custom software development for data collection. Scanning - OCR, ICR, IMR.

Description of Capabilities

Founded in 1991, Optimum Solutions provides state of the art imaging and data extraction solutions with FAQSS, our patented Fast and Accurate Questionnaire Scanning System.

We provide solutions via our in-house service bureau to a broad assortment of clients in the market research field, consumer products, automobiles/trucks, banks, retail stores and many others. In addition, we license FAQSS to many of the largest market research companies and data entry houses in the U.S. and abroad.

FAQSS can capture and interpret data automatically from all forms - even damaged or torn surveys. It is capable of distinguishing cross-outs, erasures and stray marks from "real marks."

Embedded OCR/ICR technology can read most handwritten numbers and alphanumeric fields automatically. FAQSS' patented "Mark Sense" technology offers better than 99% accuracy in the capture of data from any form, even tightly spaced, poorly marked and heavily abused documents.

Composed of fifteen modules, FAQSS is the most feature rich imaging/data capture software in the marketing research industry. In addition to our closed end data extraction solution, we offer open-end coding/keying, data entry and true second pass verification, embedded workflow, full range of reporting capabilities, and OCR/ICR/IMR capability. A data/image review module is also available for data examination and image printing.

Description of Facilities

The corporate office is located at 266 Merrick Road, Lynbrook, New York, 11563.

Description of Specialties

FAQSS captures data automatically at a higher level of proven accuracy than any other solution provider in the industry, whether the solution is hardware or software based.

When capturing closed-ended check boxes, FAQSS utilizes multiple algorithms to analyze a respondent mark's shape, position and density (among other details) to determine its "realness."

FAQSS' algorithms then discriminate erasures and cross-outs from the real marks, providing highly accurate data with very little manual intervention. Any mark that is not read at confidence is prompted to an operator for validation.

Company History

OSC was founded to provide imaging based solutions for the market research and data entry market.

In 1990, the company released a propriety image mark recognition engine (IMR) capable of extracting data from a form survey or questionnaire, outputting those responses to a user readable format. This automated system was designed to eliminate much of the manual data entry associated with large volumes of the same form while providing the highest level of accuracy available at costs well below manual data entry rates.

Shortly after the software was written, the company tested it a various market research companies. Subsequently additional modules were written and in 1993 the software was first introduced for licensing. In 1995 the company made the decision to expand into the service bureau business.

The first and primary reason was to offer non-licensing customers the opportunity to utilize the benefits of imaging. The second objective was to create an in-house facility that would be the testing field for the further development of FAQSS.

The March 1997, the United States Bureau of the Census (BOC) chose a private industry solution to process the Decennial Census. This is the first time in US history that a Census will not be processed by Bureau in-house technology.

The centerpiece of the solution is OSC's Mark Sense technology. The BOC reported that OSC image mark recognition engine was a significant factor in the selection of Lockheed Martin/EDS as its provider.

The officials complimented OSC on creating a fast and accurate system for capturing data and on OSC's engineering expertise to respond to changes. The Bureau recognized they could rely on OSC to provide the accuracy and speed needed to meet its high standards and short time line requirements.

From its inception, market research firms and data entry companies quickly recognized Optimum Solutions Corporation's position as a major force in the data processing field. Consumer companies, publishing houses, direct marketing firms and fulfillment companies throughout the nation and around the world have joined OSC's prestigious list of clients' overall systems.

OSC licenses its turnkey system to some of the largest research companies in the United States. Many of the most prominent market research firms and consumer companies in the nation are turning to OSC for customized data capture solutions. OSC also helps major consumer companies capture and process data more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

A state-of-the-art, in-house service bureau offers companies the ability to process their data through the FAQSS system without licensing the technology.

Data Analysis

We create cross-tabs in-house using the following types of software:

  • Uncle
  • Wincross
  • SNAP
Other Services

In addition to designing and hosting web-surveys (deployed using SNAP software), We also engage in the following research studies and related activities:

  • Data Entry
  • Mail Surveys
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Syndicated Studies
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