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94-104 John Wilson Park
Whitstable, Kent CT53QZ

Location: Headquarters

Main Tel: +44(0) 1227 776478
Fax: +44(0) 1227 773045

David Yates, Head of ARC

Paula Juson, Assoc. Director

Peter Cox, MD Accubiz

Carol Holland
Marketing Manager

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Primary Business Activities

Full Service Research
Data Collection and Processing
Research Analysis
Research/Project Design
Focus Groups/Qualitative Facilities

Main Business

ARC is a full service market research consultancy with expertise ranging from commerce and industry to public bodies and national governments.

We pride ourselves on our ability to take your research further than solely field and tab. We can provide additional value from your research through our consulting and field marketing businesses to assist with your planning and activity implementation.

Description of Capabilities

Accubiz Research & Consulting is a full service market research consultancy with expertise in many areas.

We are part of Acceleron Group - a provider of professional and support services, giving us low overhead and set up costs.

We have access to a pool of over 2,500 skilled field staff who can be deployed on research projects across the UK.

We have developed a unique market research data capture tool - "dynamic response" - that provides clients with immediate, real time access to all data and results online.

Dynamic Response introduces a new, unique methodology to field research. By combining the technology of PDA's and Paper to Data, together with the extensive skills of the ARC research team and field interviewers, Dynamic Response provides clients with immediate access to all data and results - online - as soon as each interview is complete.

Ideal for any research that needs instant feedback of results. Dynamic Response is also able to allow for questions to be changed whilst the survey is live - bringing costly mistakes in survey development or deployment to an end.

Dynamic Response eliminates the risks of surveys that do not fulfill the study problems with survey questions become apparent very quickly, alterations can be made with immediate effect. A pilot study conducted in the morning can for example, have results analyzed by Midday and any amendments to the questionnaire can be transmitted to the PDA's held by field interviewers and be live instantly.

The PDA's also allow for video, still photos or Vox Props to be played and recorded as part of the survey - thus providing the ability to test adverts, brands, images or get the recorded views of consumers.

Dynamic Response also introduces the capability of "paper to data" - where hand written text can be automatically transferred into computer data.

We work with national and international research for major brands operating in the following sectors:

  • National grocery & retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics
  • Oil, gas, petrochemical
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Charities
  • Office equipment
  • Aerospace
  • NHS
  • Government

We also offer a range of Market Analysis services including the development of knowledge and insight of industries, markets, competitors and customers. Our market analysis projects can identify key market issues and drivers that should provide the foundations for your strategic development process. We cover and identify a wide range of market related factors, some of which include:

  • National, international or global studies
  • Market composition - structure, trends, influencers...
  • Commercial development - identifying key decision makers, budget size, suppliers, buying behaviors
  • Forecasts - forecasting future market size, market share, opportunities, threats...
  • Competitors - depth company profiles, positioning, competitive threats, competencies...
  • New markets - opportunities, market requirements, buying activity, expectations, SWOT, PEST...
  • Acquisition - research tailored to the acquisition, partnership and due diligence process
  • Legal - new/future legislation and regulations and their impact on your company
Description of Facilities

We retain all components of projects in-house, including:

  • 2,500 field interviewers spread around the UK
  • CATI
  • CAPI (Dynamic Response)
  • DP
  • Admin (for postal, coding, punching, etc.)
  • Web interviewing
  • Panel interviewing

We have access to a pool of over 2,500 skilled field staff who can be deployed on research projects across the UK.

Central Telephone Calling Facility

ARC has a call center with 20 call stations.

Note: all call stations are equipped with QPS Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software.

Telephone interviews can be monitored on-site as well as off-site via both audio and visual technology.

Our interviewer to supervisor ratio is 1 to 20.

At any one time, 5% of our interviewers are at the executive level. However, that percentage can be increased if a specific project requires a greater proportion of executive interviewers.

We do not use predictive or autodialers.

Data Analysis

All cross tabulations/data tables are created in-house.


  • Merlin
Focus Group Facilities/Mall Locations

ARC does not maintain Focus Group Facilities nor a permanent Mall Location for market research purposes.

Recruiting and Panel Services

ARC recruits for:

  • In-house focus groups
  • One-on-one in-depth interviews

Note: ARC does not own a proprietary research panel.

Other Services

ARC also conducts:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • In-Store Demos
  • Taste Tests
  • Door-to-Door Interviews
  • Intercept Interviews
Other Information

We also design and host web-based surveys using the following software:

  • QPS

We also engage in the following research studies and related activities:

  • Attitudinal Studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Brand Equity & Related Studies
  • Concept Testing
  • Data Entry
  • Forecasting & Trend Research
  • Mail Surveys
  • Multi-Lingual Interviewing
  • New Product Testing
  • Political & Social Polling
  • Satisfaction Studies
  • Secondary Research
  • Segmentation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Syndicated Studies
  • Test Markets
Information Regarding Experience of Personnel

We work in a wide variety of sectors, as previously highlighted, for a multitude of clients ranging from national and worldwide retail grocers, global consumer products companies, government agencies, national health, industrial products and manufacturing companies. Our low cost infrastructure also allows us to work with smaller companies including start-ups.

Our executive team is highlighted below.

David Yates, Head of Research Services
David would be the lead contact on any project on behalf of Accubiz. He has 12 years experience in conducting and managing market research projects and has expansive project management experience. David has a business degree and MBA and broad subsequent experience of primary and secondary research techniques, primarily within the quantitative and desk research areas. Throughout this period he has managed market research projects in agency, consulting and client-side organizations working on and managing projects for major icon brand companies. David is a member of the MRS and as such conducts all his research projects using the MRS Code of Conduct.

Paula Juson, Associate Director
Paula has 14 years market research experience, covering the full gamut of research methodologies and techniques. Previously Paula has conducted projects for clients such as Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco, Danone, Coca Cola, Batchelors, L'Oreal, and Wella among others, using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Paula has been a member of the Market Research Society since 1996.

Paula would normally be responsible for the day-to-day running of projects and as such, can bring her wide research experience to bear to the benefit of any client.

Michael Doggwiler, Senior Research Consultant
Has 12 years experience in market research, marketing and new product development. With an MA and MBA he has conducted work within a range of sectors with operational and strategic remits. Although focused on research, he has worked on new product development, marketing, acquisitions, strategic development and general management. After gaining his MBA with Distinction, Michael has specialized in a range of research-based consulting disciplines, including M&A, organizational start-up & planning, and new product development. He has conducted substantial volumes of work for environmental, government and leading research institutions.

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