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For Market Research Buyers

MarketResearchFirms.com offers market research buyers a unique proposition. Our directory listings are the most complete in the industry. We give you the opportunity to thoroughly screen market research firms before you contact them, thereby saving you time and wasted effort.

Beyond researching prospective suppliers through our company listings, you can also elect to issue a Request for Proposal. Your Request can be targeted by:

  • Company Size
  • Research Specialties
  • Geography
  • Methodological Experience
  • Available Facilities

Or, you can elect to issue your Request for Proposal to all of the firms in our directory listings.

Best of all, there is no fee whatsoever associated with using this website or the RFP service. In fact, we do not even require registration, meaning that you can browse and research research suppliers anonymously until you are ready to initiate a contact.

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