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Specialty: Research Analysis

Accubiz (Acceleron Central Services Ltd.), Kent, UK

Aeffect Inc., Illinois, USA

A & K Research, Inc, Michigan, USA

Apogee Analytics , New Jersey, USA

AnswerQuest, Georgia, USA

Balaban Market Research Consulting [BMRC], Arizona, USA

Bruno and Ridgway Research Associates, Inc., New Jersey, USA

Buzzback Market Research, New York, USA

Centrac DC, LLC, Maryland, USA

Charles, Charles & Associates, Arizona, USA

Cogent Research, Massachusetts, USA

Consumer Insights, New York, USA

Cooper Roberts Research, California, USA

Creative Marketing Enterprises, Inc., Ohio, USA

Cultural Vision Research, LLC, New York, USA

Customer Foresight Group, Toronto, Canada

Design Research, Inc., New Jersey, USA

Edge Research, Virginia, USA

experiEmotive® analytics, Missouri, USA

Geo Strategy Partners, Georgia, USA

InsightExpress, Connecticut, USA

Interactive Market Research, Italy

JD Franz Research, Inc. California, USA

John Fox Marketing Consulting, Ohio, USA

Kaplan & Associates, California, USA

Knowledge Networks, California, USA

Markets in Motion, Georgia, USA

Maryland Marketing Source, Inc./Bay Area Research, LLC, Maryland, USA

MRT Services, Georgia, USA

Millennium Research, Minnesota, USA

Pranses Research Services, New Jersey, USA

Profile Marketing Research, Florida, USA

Portland Research Group, Maine, USA

Pulsar Research and Consulting, Connecticut, USA

ResearchSight, California, USA

SIL Group, Florida, USA

SIS International Research, New York, USA

Southwest Planning & Marketing, New Mexico, USA

Strategic Performance Group, LLC., MN, USA

Strategic Surveys, Inc., NV, USA

Surveys and Forecasts, Connecticut, USA

USA/DIRECT, Inc., New Jersey, USA

















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